Kate, a first time competitor in the body-building game, approached me about a shoot a few days out from stepping on stage. Since we didn't have too much time to come up with a solid concept we simply rolled into the gym and shot on the fly.


Some snaps from my shoot with natural bodybuilder and super nice fella, Evan Godbee. Iv shot with Evan a couple of times before and am always grateful when he comes back to me for his gym/physique photography needs. This shoot was simple, using only available natural light (although I wish a had bought my flash : o ) with a 16-35mm wide angle lens to help with the sometimes tight confines of a gym. 

As soon as I arrived on location I knew I wanted to make use of the bright harsh midday sunlight so near the end of the shoot we moved outside. My inspiration for this set was inspired by the classic photos of Arnie back in the day, a look I want develop further in future by utilising film.


I was excited to finally get to shoot at this sick rooftop location. I was shooting in the harsh midday light, which I loved for this set as it played into the sharp lines an angles of the building. Aleena was easy to work with and needed no direction. I experimented with the post processing on some of these and accidentally came up with the pastel toned edit which I love.

 During this shoot I also tested the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm which was very sharp and surprisingly good when used as a portrait lens. I just love shooting wide! One I'll def have to put in the permanent line-up.


I scouted a few locations for this shoot but eventually settled on St-Marys Cathedral with its old-world charm and character. Whilst waiting for Damien to show up on shoot day, I stumbled upon a hidden corner of the Cathedral tucked away from the masses of tourists, and even though it was a Saturday we had this spot all to ourselves. I used one lens (55mm) and natural light only. I like the overall vibe of the pics, kinda dark and flat with the highlights really toned down in post to shades of grey.


A simple fitness shoot at my home studio. I wanted to keep things minimalistic so I suggested a pair a black jeans to keep things looking less 'fitnessy' but still showing off Tony's physique. Im not a fan of overly activewear looking shots, Id much prefer to show off someones physique through more subtle means. The last shot in the series was us just mucking around at the end of the session, needless to say it was my favourite shot from that shoot.


Tee, a friend from my local gym was about to compete in his fist body-building comp so I hooked him up with a few shots to better remember his condition and achievements.

A simple low-key shoot, I was very happy with how they turned out. I had no idea how I was going to light Tee so I had to muck around until we found it. I simply tried replicating "bathroom lighting" in the end with one flash positioned directly above on a C-stand. The aim of this style of lighting is to create harsh under shadows beneath the muscles making them more defined. If you've ever wondered why you look more buff at home in your mirror, now you know why. Peace. 

Peter Coulson Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend this natural light workshop run by the awesome beauty photographer Peter Coulson, who I was keen to meet. Peter was a down to earth guy who made the photography process seem very simple. He explained his process of finding beautiful natural light in any situation. A lesson I have been putting into practice ever since. After the workshop I stepped into a nearby bar for some lunch and a cool, cool beverage where I again bumped into Peter and his assistant Rozanna also having lunch. They were gracious enough to invite me to join them, which I did of course. An unexpected way to end the workshop; lunch with one of my favourite photographers!

Nick Walters Workshop

During this workshop run by the uber-talented photographer Nick Walters, I got to shoot with professional talent for the first time which was a great experience as well as being unexpectedly nerve wracking for some strange reason. I noticed a few of the other students/photographers visibly shaking when it was there turn to shoot. I guess its normal when your working with a professional for the first time and everyone is staring at you do your thing. My nerves weren't too bad and I was able to concentrate on improving my communication with the models while shooting, a majorly important but understated skill in photography. Overall, it was very enjoyable and well worth the Benjamins.